planetRE Transaction Management

1 (Posted on Aug 24 2018)


Come and see for yourself


  • Smoking Hot, Browser Agnostic User Interface
  • Feature Rich & Free E-signatures For Whole Enterprise – Zero Cost.
  • ZipLogix® Integration (*)
  • Robust File Review
  • Full Forms Integration With Auto Filling
  • Tight Loop For Contract Management With Forms And E-signatures
  • Modern APPs To Support Mobile Features.
  • Integrated CRM And Financial Platform With Deep Analytic
  • 24×7 Email And Chat Service
  • Long Term Archive Built-In
  • API Support
  • New MLS Compliance Features
  • Month to Month Contract.
  • …….And Many More….

We will outperform any competitor in price and performance OR your money back!


If you are migrating from another service, we will offer you one year basic CRM for Free (**)


Call us now and stop wasting your hard earned money with mediocre services.

Are Your Leads Playing Hide & Seek?

1 (Posted on July 11 2018)


Do you want to get more leads from your current website?
Starting at $299* a month, you can get over 20 leads a month.


  • No setup fees
  • No new website
  • No long term contracts


We have perfected the art of lead capture through Search Engines.


Contact us today. No more hide and seek with your leads.



Your NEXT Deal is a SWIPE AWAY with Lead Sites

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Delivers leads from consumers actively searching for homes directly to you

  • Modern consumers are searching for homes with Price, Commute time, Schools and more. With your own branded Millennial LifeStyle SearchTM Lead Sites, let them find their dream home very fast.
  • Delivers leads based on the most recent and complete listing information on homes, traffic and schools and other valuable data sources.
  • Provide instant notification to via email, text or voice when a lead is received (*).
  • We setup Budgeted Leading Search Engine Advertising branded to your lead sites.
  • No fancy websites. Just leads


Lead the Field of Leads

1 (Posted May 23 2018)



  • Thousands of consumers are looking online in your market now
  • Stop wasting money on diluted third party leads who do not brand you.
  • Take Control of Lead Generation with Highly effective PPC Campaigns – enabled by our new Millennial Property Search
  • Powerful Facebook® IDX Apps to drive leads from Social Media
  • All leads are exclusive to you.
  • Patented CRM offers smart follow up system and World Class Transaction Management
  • Valuable Agent and Business Analytics