Socialite CRM

A patented smart CRM, that allows you to follow up and incubate leads with high degree of success tracking all lead behavior with relevant alerts and deep analytics on communication, actions, campaigns and agent accountability.

It is the only CRM integrating social channels, email, texting and telephony to allow multi channel communication with the modern consumer, enabling convergence of agent and client.

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Socialite Cloud CRM is built on scalable, enterprise secure Cloud Architecture. Multiple Patents are granted and deployed underneath with new innovations constantly coming.

Lead Aggregation

Patented tech to get all your leads from hundreds of sources in to ONE database to monitor and incubate. Get leads from Property Search, Facebook Apps, native Facebook, Google, Twitter, Zillow and hundreds of other sources tagged and classified with unlimited user created lead types, sources and property types. Create groups dynamically and use them for marketing, campaigns, reports. Also lead emails and cell # can be automatically checked to make sure they are real.

Duplicate Lead Removal

Common headache for every sales person. Very valuable enterprise level feature allows you to remove duplicate leads by name or email address. If you have three Jon Doe coming from property search, Facebook and Walkin... which one should I keep? This valuable features shows you all Duplicate Leads and helps you remove ones you don't need or merge. This way you are not sending 3 identical communications or campaigns just because you have 3 duplicate records.

Multiple Communication Channels

Patented Tech Allows user to talk to any lead or run multi channel campaigns concurrently on one or more channels. e.g email, voice, texting, social media messaging and more. CRM has a built Google chat box that allows you to talk to multiple contacts at the same time. All communication records with time wheel is stored and easily retrieved by lead.

Multiple MLS Integration

Allows CRM to connect to multiple MLS to run a variety of top grade functions like Listing Alerts, Match Making (to double end deals), Create property flyers, Just Listed, Just Sold and many more...

New AI Search

You can search any person, entity, group,communication record you want with multiple characteristics. Records are very detailed with all activities, logs, events, alerts, matching properties, comments and match making records instant or over past 3 to 7 days.

Power Dialer

Built in native power dialer allows ISAs to make hundreds of calls per day with ease with power dialing up to 5 lines at the same time! Being on a cloud, your ISA can be in Dallas, Mexico, Ireland or Philippines.

Self Healing Email Campaigns

One of a kind where you can run thousands of email campaigns and clean up your mailing list at the same time. As campaigns run, the system remove and removes all leads captured as spams, unsubscribe or has an invalid email address. It adjusts for false detection by trying multiple times (e.g when the recipient email server is down or busy). Campaigns can go as one blast or metered like freeway traffic with specific timers, events and characteristics with hundreds of refined variables. This makes sure your email campaign reaches your target audience reliably with top accuracy. Tracks open rate, spam rate and overall success rate.

Social Campaigns

Like Email Campaigns, they can also broadcast your campaigns on popular social media, Texting. Campaigns can go as one blast or metered with specific timers, events and characteristics with hundreds of refined variables. This makes sure your social campaign reaches your target audience reliably with top accuracy.

Lead Routing

Socialite CRM offers very sophisticated lead routing using Round Robin or First Come First Served at top level with fine tuning on varieties of routing policies. Routed leads are broadcast on email, text and voice tracking agent's responsiveness. We even place a call between the lead and agent automatically after lead acceptance and records calls for training purposes.

Listing Alerts

Allows agents and staff to setup simple to complex listing alerts for buyers based on price, school district, commute constraints and host of other parameters. Best way to drive traffic back to your planetRE designed website which is tightly coupled

Lead Intelligence

Is your lead online now searching for properties? Have they seen a specific home 5 times in last 7 days? How many times they have logged on your site or how much time are they spending? These and others are the user set intelligence alert knobs that can ask agent to take an action right away.

Powerful Dashboards

Customizable display boards can tell you lead ranking by activity affinity, aging and scores of other criteria. Dashboard also offers insights in to campaign success, sources of leads and scores of other business intelligence. By hooking up planetRE's Transact and Money platforms, brokers and agents can track all business intelligence from LEADS to DEALS. How many leads came, from which source, how long it took to convert, how much money we spend in marketing, which agent owned it, how long it converted to sale, escrow cycle info, commission dollars earned and a lot more...


Reports are one of the biggest strength of planetRE and Socialite high performance database. Ranging from built in simple to complex business intelligence reports coupled with User designed Custom Reports, users can create their own fancy templates and reuse them a zillion times showing new results each time based on criteria selected. With the role based access set in CRM, they can only generate reports that they are allowed for.

Enterprise Flexibility

Using sophisticated Admin functions, features can be turned ON or OFF by owners as they deem appropriate.

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