Single Sign-on to all your applications

Only cloud real estate platform that allows Single Sign ON to all your applications. Now you can go from Financial Management to Websites to CRM to Transactions to Facebook with single clicks. No need to remember many passwords. Our unique architecture allows to plug any outside APP into this.

Manage in the cloud

Only platform that offers every brokerage and agent applications on the cloud under a multi-tenant architecture.

MLS Integration

Integrates several prominent MLSs supporting a variety of standards to all cloud applications.

Our New Additions

Socialite Websites

Socialite offers state-of-the-art content management and websites combined with one of the most powerful search technology on the market. It offers simple to complex map search with polygon and income based searches, snazzy neighborhood mashups for the consumers, market reports, state listing alert, listing syndication, and scores of other consumer lead capture features.

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Mobile Agent

Mobile Agent is an extension of planetRE functions in to mobile space for iOS, Android, and Blackberry phones for websites, transaction management, CRM, etc.

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Socialite Predictive Marketing

Using a variety of automated techniques, this unique service blends technology and targeted contents for each event. Starting with lead capture into the CRM database, it automatically runs professionally-designed campaigns through emails and multiple social media. Best of all, it self-adjusts to change these campaigns dynamically based on “prospect responses”.

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QuickBooks-Money Video

Clients say...

Kolleen KelleyBrokerage Consultant at Elite Realty
Greater Las Vegas Board of Realtors

“planetRE has helped us automate our transactions, file audits, and provide superior client service over the years. Their support and technology has been exemplary.”


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Real estate transactions have a complex life cycle starting with consumers as a real estate lead, then converting to a customer on listing side or buyer side or both. Each of these has its own business process to convert to actual sales, manage the real estate transaction, and then disburse the payment efficiently. These real estate leads after closing finally go in to Vault and then resurface someday to be a real estate lead again in this life cycle.

Brokers and agents need a tightly integrated system with Single Sign ON and NO double entry to handle real estate marketing, real estate transactions, and real estate financials; that manages these processes from start to finish and back as real estate leads again. Using advanced software engineering and strong architecture underneath, planetRE offers the entire life cycle for a broker from Consumer Search (Socialite Websites, RealFace) to capturing real estate leads (Socialite CRM) to Transaction Management (Compliance) and finally to Money (real estate Financial Management) to world class General Ledger Accounting (QuickBooks or Microsoft Dynamics) - ALL as cloud real estate with Single Sign ON and multiple MLS integration.

planetRE Vault offers a rich resource for data mining for brokerages and we provide tools with our custom reporting and business analytics, using a variety of OLAP and data warehousing. Real Estate Franchisors can also use our tools for CRM and Franchise Management System in the cloud. No other vendor in real estate can offer you the depth and breadth of our tools! Some try to call themselves Enterprise platforms but are essentially PC platforms pretending to run on the web with terminal servers. They cannot scale or be flexible to the rules you have to manage your offices.

Come and enjoy the real success you deserve!

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