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Featuring integrated work-flow management, electronic signatures with DocuSign®, high performance document management and file audit secured in the cloud.

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Simple Agent IN/OUT or deep brokerage level compliance management with multi party collaboration?

planetRE Transact is an enterprise level platform that can be used by agents as a simple in/out doc storage system with esign or companies can add on more heavy grade compliance and risk management functions on documents, workflow, file review and MLS inventory match.

Transact can create private label portals for buyer/seller if you intend to invite them in and also to lenders, title companies, attorneys who may want to participate in a transaction. All up to you?

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Document Management Collaboration

Drag and Drop

Scan/Email in to a file

Forms library

Forms library allows to digitize company forms, auto fill, esign and bring it back

DocuSign Embedded

DocuSign Integration allows bringing completed forms from other industry systems.

Document Management

Uploaded docs can be chopped, merged, shared via email etc

Transact Logging

Strict record keeping on doc changes, delete and other actions. Privileged master delete for broker compliance.

Paperless System with your own e-Sign

Don't pay the extra fee to get your documents signed electronically. TransactTM's native e-Sign solution gives it to you for free. Personalize your signature and initials with ease. Send reminder to review and sign. And have the signed document automatically uploaded.

Other features you wont find anywhere else

Document Privilege

Unique capability that only planetRE has - the ability to preset doc access privileges to certain defined entities in a transaction so they can see in their own portal without emailing. Access records are also logged with date and timestamp.


All parties can collaborate within a company using transaction, file review, notes, email or build in texting/chats. All communications are logged with detailed date/time stamps.

File Review

Multiple levels of file review in a company allows users to catch anomalies at different audit levels with collaborative communication between participants in a brokerage.

Transaction Data synch

Transaction Data synch to Money (financial) and CRM platform seamlessly passing valuable real time deal analytic.

Enterprise Panel

Allows creation of user defined transaction types with its entity list creation, privilege management and user roles making it very flexible as organizations change via merger or even change in staff's roles and responsibilities.

Helping Hands

Outsourced assistance to your brokerage staff by providing scalable help to upload docs and do most of the heavy lifting of doc management.

Multiple MLS integration

Multiple MLS integration enables high quality talk with the local MLS to understand real time data on sold, sale pending and listing data for file creating and inventory matching.

The Proven Solution

planetRE Transact has been an established product on the market since 2003, having closed millions of transactions with many national customers. It features integrated work flow management, electronic signatures, high performance document management, integrated file audits, and risk management for mega brokers. Included is planetRE VaultTM that provides industry’s first long term transaction and document storage/archival technology built on RSA SecurID®. Built to suit the rigorous audit needs of regulatory bodies in different states, it provides the most superior risk management platform for brokers in multiple states.

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