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AI Intellectual Assistant™ – CRM 2023

Artificial intelligence isometric composition with isolated ai glow image of brain with electronic gadgets and business people vector illustration

You have been working hard for years.


Let machines do the heavy lifting for a change.


Meet planetRE New CRM AI Intellectual Assistant integrated with ChatGPT®.


  • Write in natural English and get realistic art and imagery.


  • Command specific topics to generate contents.


  • Load pictures and demand new effects with AI Transformation.


  • Drive email, text and predictive marketing campaigns – faster and better.


Only from planetRE.

NFTs in Education – 2023

unnamed (Posted on Jan 04 2023)


NFTs can substitute for diplomas, recognitions, or certificates and securely verify academic credentials and achievements, reducing fraud while managing student records and credits, tracking lifelong learning progress, and preserving educational data.


The patented Skyharbor NFT platform supports leading wallets with Instagram integration offering artistic styling using advanced AI.


It creates a whole new education experience for students.


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Transaction Management -2023

unnamed (Posted on Dec 27 2022)



Brokerages: Who is your customer? Agents? Consumers? With most TMS systems on the market, that is just agent in-out, consumers don’t have any visibility on the deal while they are the source to keep our food chain alive.


planetRE is the only TMS offering rich consumer portals to have them track the deal from leads to closings and beyond. With powerful forms filling, offer management, e-signing, built in text, Video Conference, rich compliance, Transaction NFTs and scores of other back-office financial automation you can be at the top of your game.


planetRE has major franchise integrations like BHHS Databridge® and Anywhere DASH®.


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As 2022 comes to an end, we took notice of our growth, new value to customers and investment throughout the year.

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World has chaotically changed under us. Still within chaos there are major opportunities lurking for the prepared in 2023 and beyond.


We made major investments in Skyharbor- the new platform offering effortless, low cost and scalable minting of NFTs using new AI Aesthetics as desktop and iOS App. We integrated Dapper and other leading blockchain wallets for frictionless custody of post minted NFTs (Video, Picture or Docs) that can now be viewed under Instagram Collectibles.


We designed world’s first Web 3 based passwordless systems to eliminate annoying passwords for subscribers with real time data license management for increased lead conversion, enforce revenue collection by eliminating data piracy via leaks and illegal account sharing.


We were granted patents from USPTO with many more in the pipe.


We are securing customers in new verticals like Title, MLS, Education and very possibly fashion industry – never happened before; proving innovation today has more appeal than ever before in multi-disciplines, and change is the inherent catalyst to all excellence.


We engineered major automation in core business– e.g., CRM with new Listing Presentation/CMA, Rapid Communication Management, Predictive Marketing, Lead scoring algorithms filtering through large troves of public data, so sales teams can focus solely on highly qualified leads.


We added Dynamic Reports across CRM, Transaction Management and Money platforms for customers to cross dissect business analytic in real time across all three key business functions – never been done,


We look forward to a great 2023 and wish all of you a very happy holiday season and a new year filled with joy and peace.


Business Challenge – 2023

unnamed (Posted on Dec 14 2022)


We offer a friendly challenge to brokerages and teams to lower your cloud software ownership costs by 30% using planetRE CRM, Transactions, and Back Office/Financials and enjoy a 5X benefit over any other combination of competitors.


planetRE offers major franchise integrations like BHHS Databridge® and Anywhere DASH®.


If not, you get a 60-day free cloud subscription to one basic platform of your choice(*).


Give us a call and find out how you can run leaner with better ROI in 2023.


Keep Real Time Pulse of Your Business – 2023

unnamed (Posted on Dec 07 2022)


2023 is a tough year for real estate so need to focus on profitability and agent accountability.


“Dynamic Reports” – new addition to our portfolio allowing brokerages, agents and teams to run insightful real time reports across marketing, transaction and financials.


It is the only real time automated system that requires NO manual entry from anywhere.


Give us a call and find out how to prepare for a successful 2023!


Balancing Act 2023




unnamed (Posted on Nov 29 2022)

Running a successful team agent or a brokerage is a balancing act – to keep growing while staying out of perils.


Grow but watch your bottom line as money can run out quickly with shifts in the market.


Introducing “Dynamic Reports” – a new addition to our portfolio, allowing agents and teams to run insightful real-time reports across marketing, transaction, and financials. It automatically computes valuable operational analytics monthly, weekly, or daily and sends it to you, so you have the pulse of your business.


Give us a call and find out how to prepare for a successful 2023!



New Instagram Marketing

unnamed 2 (Posted on Nov 14 2022)


Create Property NFTs of Picture, Videos of your listing with a single click for Instagram® Marketing. Gift your customer at closing.


The patented Skyharbor has new AI Aesthetic, works with leading wallets and Instagram integration.


It offers a whole new affordable way of digitizing the transaction experience for clients.


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Digital Graduation Experience

unnamed (Posted on Nov 14 2022)


Offer Diplomas to Graduating students as NFTs that they can now proudly display under Instagram® Collectibles.


The patented Skyharbor works with leading wallets and Instagram integration. Using new AI aesthetics, it creates fast and cost-effective NFTs for colleges to gift to students that stay forever on the chain.


It offers a whole new way of digitizing the graduation experience for students.


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