Best Kept Secret for 2017

1 (Posted on Dec 26 2016)

The answer is……………… Facebook!

Why? There are several reasons. Keep reading

1 Market is shifting to Millennials who are on Facebook than any other channel. They also share what they like giving the viral effect.

2 While rest of the agents in your market are in a dogfight for the web and portal leads; you do exactly the opposite – get leads from Facebook that are virtually ignored by your competition.

3 The leads that like you on Facebook posts are ‘vetted’ meaning Facebook has made sure that they are real people and can be tracked. So no more anonymous junk leads.

4 Buying Search traffic on Facebook may be cheaper

5 Most agents who dabble on Facebook today redirect the leads to their websites… bad decision!

planetRE Lead Generation Solutions comprise of a variety of special Facebook IDX Search APPs that run and show search results on your native business page(s) – both for agents and brokers. The apps keep leads hooked on your facebook page and you can track their behavior. You could capture a lot of leads with low competition and large ROI.

Come explore the world of Facebook IDX Apps with a patented CRM that lets you “friend” them, “route them”, “know them”, seek new people & common friends, run targeted campaigns, observe likes, actions, feeds and more…. all inside ONE CRM!

Come break away in 2017 from the hustling masses and the broken medley of below average CRM tools.



Are you ready for 2017?

1 (Posted on Dec 14 2016)

Let’s take a simple and honest test

1) Can you capture leads from all sources in your business, into one single database and manage them?

2) Can you communicate with prospects concurrently on channels of their choice? (e.g. Twitter®, Facebook®, Google Hangouts®, Video, Email, Texting etc.)

3) Are you able to send incoming leads to agents based on precise rules for response and hold them accountable?

4) Do you have a consistent lead follow up system that does not take any of your time to setup or run?

5) Do you have lead behavior intelligence to prioritize and rank them?

6) Can you provide the best cloud tools for marketing, transactions, and financials in one place to recruit top agents?

If you have answered NO to one or more of these questions, then your ducks are not lined up.

planetRE combines unique Millennial Search websites with content management, SEO, native Facebook IDX Apps to drive leads and a fully integrated system with CRM, transactions and financials online to take you from “leads to deals”.

Once your ducks are lined up, you will have a great 2017!


Agent Recruitment – 2017

1 (Posted on Dec 5 2016)

Yes. It is like cherry picking. The agents you hire and retain will shape how much money you make in 2017.

It is also about providing agents the connected tools for marketing, transaction, and financials; with complete agent accountability, financials, and analytics at brokerage level.

This can only happen when your cloud Marketing, Transaction, and Financial business components truly connect seamlessly.

This is what we do and excel and no one else does it!

Call today and start cherry picking for 2017!

planetRE Launches Socialite Millennial Search Website and CRM in Canada

Company announces entry in Canadian market with a large brokerage and addition of Solar Power Scores under Property Pages

 SAN JOSE, Calif., December 1, 2016 — planetRE, the nation’s leading enterprise cloud vendor for online real estate, announced that RE/MAX Escarpment, a 475+ agent franchise company under the RE/MAX INTEGRA Canadian brand has signed up for Socialite Millennial Website Search and CRM platform.

Under this new agreement, planetRE will provide broker and agent branded sites to the company, powered by the new Millennial Search, using schools, commute, parking and other data. New solar power scores to property pages will be added to further enhance the value of branded agent portals to the end consumer.

“We have long sensed a shift in consumer search with the entry of millennials that demand more sophistication and automation in the home buying process”, said Conrad Zurini, Broker of Record of RE/MAX Escarpment, based in Ontario, Canada, and serving one of the most influential provinces. “The new millennial search offers us unique competitive advantages in lead capture, agent recruitment and currently an instant success with our top agents”.

“Within a few months, the patent pending Millennial Searches has seen rapid adoption by regional brokers and team agents all over US”, said Subrao Shenoy, CEO of planetRE. “We are very excited to enter Canada and work with this top-notch team to offer the best real estate website platform”.

About planetRE
planetRE is a privately held cloud vendor, providing Enterprise software to the real estate industry. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA; its primary mission is to provide cutting edge cloud platforms to the global real estate industry in areas of Online Marketing, Transaction and Financial Management. More information about planetRE Socialite CRM can be found on

About RE/MAX Escarpment
RE/MAX Escarpment Realty Inc., Brokerage prides itself on being a true leader in the real estate industry throughout Hamilton-Burlington. Since opening our doors in 1980, our focus has always been on providing innovative technology and unparalleled customer service in order to create a totally remarkable real estate experience.  For more information, please contact us at 800-567-6257 or visit our website

planetRE and planetRE Socialite are trademarks. All other registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

Tip of the Iceberg

1 (Posted on Nov 11 2016)

Same is true with consumer search on agent websites. Show them only 10% of what they are looking for, with simple minded bedroom bath search and they go someplace else.

The real power is underneath – the other 90%. Searches based on commute, noise, schools, lifestyle – all combined during search attracts and retains buyer traffic. Now add a reliable home valuation portal and your branded site is transformed to a powerful destination for both buyers and sellers.

planetRE Socialite Marketing Cloud using new Millennial Search™ offers a patented CRM to route and convert leads to deals quickly using email, text, power dialing, deep social media integration and a built-in transaction management with e-signatures, reports and analytics for full “lead to deal accountability”.

No other system comes even close!

Come discover the iceberg under your business and we can help you monetize and kill your competition.




Half Paint

1 (Posted on Oct 19 2016)


If the answer is NO, why would you settle for fragmented real estate business systems. Website from vendor A, CRM from vendor B, Transactions from C and Financials from D and so on…

planetRE cloud offers you ONE scalable and connected business platform for online marketing, transactions, and financials. With single sign ON and seamless data integration, it offers critical agent accountability dashboards and valuable analytic for brokers and team agents to track deals and leads.

Call us and stop working with half systems!

Fireplace – Glowing or Dark?

Feet warming at fireplace with hands holding wine

We all know for a warm glowing fireplace, one needs to add wood or else there is no fire.

Business works the same way. What marketing fuel are you adding each day to get a cozy warm $$ business?

With cutting edge lead generating websites using Consumer LifeStyle Search, Facebook IDX Apps and a backend CRM with features like market reports, power dialing, lead behavior dashboard, lead routing, social media marketing and many more, you have a new cutting edge real estate marketing working for you with planetRE Socialite.

Call today and toast your business to a whole new level !

Transaction Management Maths

Transaction Management Maths (Posted on Sep 16 2016)


This is what you get from Transaction Management Systems today:

“One fancy e-sign slapped on to one simple document storage system!”

But none of this is worth if you are hanging your business “in the wind” with poor oversight on risk and financial management.

You need more than that for Real Estate Compliance.
planetRE Transact offers industry’s only complete, scalable brokerage cloud system to manage all your intricate business processes, compliance, documents and transactions online.

With a track record of millions of transactions done and counting, other companies are panting to catch up!

With superior features in multi party collaboration, apps, intelligent document management, advanced modules on risk management, MLS data, seamless integration with our cloud Money solutions, it couples your risk and financial management functions together for total visibility of your business. No one has this!

Yes we do have our share of fancy apps, e-signature solutions and extended support hours to keep your agents and clients happy.

Call us and let’s fix this weird math for you!

Power Dialing – as simple as 1, 2, 3..

Power(Posted on Sep 14 2016)

planetRE Socialite CRM native power dialer is an automated telephone dialing system that connects your caller to leads more efficiently by allowing you to focus on live connections. When a lead becomes available, CRM connects the call. If not it selects another number or try a group of numbers to call same time. This allows you to reach a lot more people than manual dialing.

Being native means it does not need fancy import/export. You can start/ stop, write notes, save logs, record calls all under the same CRM. Most important you don’t have to pay those exorbitant fees that other party dialers charge over the cost of CRM.

planetRE CRM has other advanced features with listing alerts, activity reports, automated market reports, buyer-seller matchmaking, lead intelligence tracking(*) and a lot more to make your lead incubation more fun and productive than any other solution on the market.

Call today and challenge us to show you the most advanced CRM on the market that even the big boys don’t have!

(*) These features need MLS access and website subscription