Property Searches can now be Fast & Fun

... instead of slow and mundane bedroom/bath drudgery
Millennial buyers will comprise the largest share of home buyers in 2017 reaching 68% this year. They rely on “Lifestyle” home searching before they decide on the final nest.
For the first time in the industry, a complete ‘Single Pass’ Lifestyle based Property Search is here and available to you as a fully branded site or as a branded component to your existing site. This technology is not offered today by any national portal, brokerage, vendor, or franchise to this level of completeness and details.
Today’s consumer wants a totally new Lifestyle Search experience to find their new nest. They want to search based on commute time, noise tolerance, affordability, schools, proximity to golf courses, theaters, shopping, parks, nightlife, pet-friendly neighborhood...

What if we combine all of these in one single pass search on your website?

Search for homes with shortest commute time

Search for homes with Lifestyle Search
Optimize commute requirements concurrently for multiple buyers in the home search process.
Track live commute patterns from work to home and back for both buyers for any specific property.

Search by affordability

Affordability Check sign
Combine mortgage payment affordability with your Lifestyle Search

Consideration of utility cost with home search

Utility cost search
Searches can now be potentially combined with estimated cost of monthly utilities to make sure you get the right home.

Search by sound-score to find quiet neighborhood

Flight sound-score
Consumers look for peace of mind by seeking quieter homes away from airports, commercial, and local noise sources.

Location, Location, Location...

Location in real esate
Yes. The old mantra of real estate is back.
Everyone has their own choice of being near good schools, golf courses, theaters, shopping, restaurants, dog parks, recreation, etc.
Now Lifestyle Home Search can include one or more of these choices concurrently

Be the first one to offer Millennial Search in your market

  • bulit1Easy, Fast, Powerful, and Unique Buyer-Friendly Search Filters
  • bulit2Capture More Sticky Traffic from Search
  • bulit3Provide Better Home Search Value to Your Clients
  • bulit4Get More Leads
Differentiate to excel, and not blend to be invisible.

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