How Many Real Estate Leads do you want to Pick from Facebook™ and Instagram™ ?

1 (Posted on June 6 2017)


Do you know that Facebook and Instagram are great sources for real estate leads for agents?


Do you want to generate a lot of buyer and seller leads with Facebook and Instagram without spending a fortune?


Introducing InstaLeads™– brought to you by talented and experienced marketers at planetRE.


We create stunning Ads on your behalf on Facebook and Instagram, targeting specific groups of people who are most likely to buy or sell homes in your area in the near future. We direct the visitors to targeted landing pages displaying exactly what they are looking for. We capture the Leads on the CRM account we create for you, and also send Leads to you by email.


What are you waiting for? Get an edge on your competition today.

Struggling to get Seller Leads

Most residential real estate markets today are driven by sellers.


What are they thinking of?


One is obviously how much is my home worth now?


Second with renovations can my home be worth more? What is my ROI?


Introducing Renovation Estimate for Sellers


1 (Posted on May 23 2017)



planetRE answers these seller anxieties with a differentiated seller site branded to you with search engine marketing – driving traffic and capturing seller leads


Dazzle your sellers with a patented back end CRM using email, text and deep social media communications to send monthly market reports, weekly listing activity reports, Buyer- Seller matchmaking, Millennial Lifestyle Property Search with alerts and more.


There is a lot of competition to get listings.
It is time to differentiate, excel and get planetRE.

New Math

1 (Posted on May 17 2017)


Broker and agents spent a “lot of money” on different systems. One for website, one for contact management, one for dialing software, one for lead routing, one for paperless transactions, one for accounting and so on.
This creates a dozen disconnected databases that are expensive to own and operate and they don’t really talk to each other.


planetRE is the only cloud vendor offering end to end real estate platform, with one database cluster, one price and all seamlessly connected with each other and MLSs – Millennial search websites, Facebook Apps, patented CRM with native dialer, paperless systems with e-sign, cloud financials and more.


You will most likely pay less than what you are paying today.


What are you waiting for?

Lead Machine

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Every agent gets leads and wishes all of them should close with them now


Reality is only a few will “pop” at any given time and you don’t know which one and at what time.


planetRE Socialite marketing makes this easy. By tracking key lead behavior on websites, social media, and your interactions, it starts ranking leads that you need to focus today.


planetRE predictive engine has patented technology in the CRM to track and interact with clients on multiple channels you use and rank them based on chance of closing.


Wheels of Business Integrated

1 (Posted on Apr 5 2017)


planetRE is the only cloud platform on the market, offering an end to end solution to manage marketing, transaction, and financials for any size real estate company.


From new millennial search websites, patented CRM, Facebook® IDX APPs, Transaction Management, E-sign and a cloud financial system – you now have total control and accountability of your enterprise in real time.


These are the wheels of your business we automate.

Facebook does the rest!

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Who are the likely sellers in the market? Baby Boomers? Yes, they are retiring and want to sell homes. Guess where they spend a lot of time? Facebook – so they can chat with grandkids!


Who are the likely buyers in the market? Young professionals? Guess where you find them? Facebook. Facebook has an audience of over 1.5 Billion worldwide.


Why not use Facebook to match them?


planetRE Socialite offers you branded Facebook IDX apps for home valuation, property search and other intelligent apps with results shown and leads captured on your Facebook page.


The patented Socialite CRM in the background matches, communicates, incubate leads and ranks them with behavior data and artificial intelligence.


Call us to find out more about these techniques that no other vendor offers.

Will future be a buyer market or seller market?

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We ponder these questions constantly to focus our resources. Truth is – it is controlled by factors beyond our reach and can change without any notice.

Hence we are best served by focusing on how our marketing system adapts to both Buyers and Sellers.

planetRE Socialite offers innovative seller portals for home valuation, find a comparison, updated market reports and the new add-on ROI with home improvements.

Buyer side portals offer new Millennial Lifestyle Property Search + Listing alerts, Facebook Apps. Both are backed by a patented CRM with deep social and other marketing automation.

Now you don’t have to make that toss. Your success with planetRE Marketing system is certain no matter where the market lands.



Home Valuation on Steroids

Want leads. Then don’t stop at just telling them how much the home is worth or its price.

How about enhanced home valuation based on kitchen remodeling or adding a new bedroom or improving garage and many such exciting “what if“ options?

1 (Posted on Jan 31 2017)

Your branded website powered by planetRE can now offer consumers great ROI analysis on home renovations for their valuable investment and sell the listing for you.

Call us to find out about such great innovations for branded agent/broker portals that no other vendor offers.