Give yourself a gift of leads

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  • Choose your lead package(*) and your areas
  • Give yourself the gift of leads all year around
  • Month to month, no contract, no setup fees. Only Leads
  • Instant real-time lead notification by email and text.

*$180/mo for 6 leads a month. $300/mo for 10 leads a month. $450/mo for 15 leads a month. Lead prices may be higher in certain areas.

Black Friday Special : Multiple Line Power Dialer Unlimited calling – $75/user/mo

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  • Caller can power dial up to 5 CALLS, same time using unlimited calling pools.
  • Integrates with Zillow® and other popular lead portals with an optional Lead Router.
  • Make calls, click and drop preset voice messages, write notes, record calls, unlimited texting and more.
  • ONE searchable cloud CRM database.
  • No messy imports and exports to dialers.
  • Powerful Agent Team Accountability Reports: Real Time Analytic on team performance, closing rate etc.
  • Plan multiple calling shifts with global ISAs and maximize your reach
  • Black Friday Special: $75/user/mo (*), no long-term contract, no setup charge, unlimited calling

(*) Pricing for yearly payment upfront. Month to month is $89/user/mo. Toll charges for calls and texting may apply based on regions. Black Friday promo end Nov 30, 2017

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  • Claim your territory and start raking in leads.
  • Find out if the area you want is still available. They are going fast. Contact soon!
  • Only $24 for a Buyer Lead and $30 for a Seller Lead*.
  • No contract, No setup fees, No website. Only Leads.
  • Instant real-time lead notification by email and text.
  • Free Cloud Contact Manager.

*Based on current average @ $30/seller lead & @ $24/buyer lead. Per lead price may be higher in certain areas.

360° Leads

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  • Get Leads 360 days a year (take short break for 5 days)
  • $360/mo – Get 15 Leads*
  • Month to month, no contract, no website, no setup fees, no frills. Only Leads.
  • Choose areas. All sellers, all buyers, or half & half (your wish)
  • Instant real-time lead notification by email and text
  • Free Cloud Contact Manager to hold and access leads

*Based on current average @ $30/seller lead & @ $24/buyer lead. Per lead price may be higher in certain areas.

Transaction Management

Transaction Management


  • Stronger Brokerage Compliance (not just dumb storage)
  • Smart Integrated CRM
  • Contract forms filling and workflow
  • Free Esignatures for whole company
  • Mobile Apps
  • 50 states – millions of transactions
  • Built-in Financials, Reports & Analytic
  • Best Platform on Market (let’s show it to you)
  • …Time for change!


1 (Posted on Sep 29 2017)


planetRE Money: World Class Real Estate Financial System


  • Fully Cloud based, scalable, browser agnostic and SAS-70 compliant.
  • Mature platform with millions of transactions done with reputed franchise and independent brokers and multiple MLS integration.
  • Rules based engine handles complex fee and commission plans.
  • Role based access to enterprise including agent portals, data migration.
  • Business Intelligence reports, franchise reports, custom reports, accurate forecasts, deal compliance and many more…


Break the bondage now with old dinosaur back office system, DOS keys, green screens and step in the new age of operational freedom and excellence.

Your NEXT Deal is Just a SWIPE AWAY

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Delivers leads from consumers actively searching for homes directly to you


Modern consumers are searching for homes with Price, Commute time, Schools and more. With your own branded Millennial LifeStyle Search™, you can now let them converge on their new home faster than any other website on the market.


Delivers leads based on the most recent and complete listing information on homes, traffic and schools and other valuable data sources.


Provide instant notification to you via email or text or voice when a lead is received(*)


Alerts that notify you and your consumer first, if a matching property based on Schools, Commute and Price comes on the market.


Leads are moving constantly. Don’t let your competitors take them!


If you do not have a website, you can get one now. If you already have a website, this new search and CRM can empower your current site soon.