Best Kept Secret for 2017

1 (Posted on Dec 26 2016)

The answer is……………… Facebook!

Why? There are several reasons. Keep reading

1 Market is shifting to Millennials who are on Facebook than any other channel. They also share what they like giving the viral effect.

2 While rest of the agents in your market are in a dogfight for the web and portal leads; you do exactly the opposite – get leads from Facebook that are virtually ignored by your competition.

3 The leads that like you on Facebook posts are ‘vetted’ meaning Facebook has made sure that they are real people and can be tracked. So no more anonymous junk leads.

4 Buying Search traffic on Facebook may be cheaper

5 Most agents who dabble on Facebook today redirect the leads to their websites… bad decision!

planetRE Lead Generation Solutions comprise of a variety of special Facebook IDX Search APPs that run and show search results on your native business page(s) – both for agents and brokers. The apps keep leads hooked on your facebook page and you can track their behavior. You could capture a lot of leads with low competition and large ROI.

Come explore the world of Facebook IDX Apps with a patented CRM that lets you “friend” them, “route them”, “know them”, seek new people & common friends, run targeted campaigns, observe likes, actions, feeds and more…. all inside ONE CRM!

Come break away in 2017 from the hustling masses and the broken medley of below average CRM tools.



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