Are you ready for 2017?

1 (Posted on Dec 14 2016)

Let’s take a simple and honest test

1) Can you capture leads from all sources in your business, into one single database and manage them?

2) Can you communicate with prospects concurrently on channels of their choice? (e.g. Twitter®, Facebook®, Google Hangouts®, Video, Email, Texting etc.)

3) Are you able to send incoming leads to agents based on precise rules for response and hold them accountable?

4) Do you have a consistent lead follow up system that does not take any of your time to setup or run?

5) Do you have lead behavior intelligence to prioritize and rank them?

6) Can you provide the best cloud tools for marketing, transactions, and financials in one place to recruit top agents?

If you have answered NO to one or more of these questions, then your ducks are not lined up.

planetRE combines unique Millennial Search websites with content management, SEO, native Facebook IDX Apps to drive leads and a fully integrated system with CRM, transactions and financials online to take you from “leads to deals”.

Once your ducks are lined up, you will have a great 2017!


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