Your NEXT 2020 Deal is Just a SWIPE AWAY

unnamed (Posted on Jan 14 2020)



Delivers leads from consumers actively searching for homes directly to you
  • Modern consumers are searching for homes with Price, Commute Time, Schools and more. With your own branded Millennial LifeStyle Search™, you can now let them converge on their new home faster than any other website on the market.


  • Delivers leads based on the most recent and complete listing information on homes, traffic and schools and other valuable data sources.


  • Provide instant notification to you via email or text or voice when a lead is received (*)


  • Alerts that notify you and your consumer first, if a matching property based on Schools, Commute and Price comes on the market.


  • Leads are moving constantly. Don’t let your competitors take them!


  • If you do not have a website, you can get one now. If you already have a website, this new search and CRM can empower your current site soon.

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