How should your Transaction System look today?

unnamed (Posted on Nov 15 2019) F

If the choice is obvious in this new age; why would you be still stuck with outdated back office systems – some have gone end of life; some converted to another back office which is equally OLD!


planetRE Transact and Money offers cloud transaction, financial management software and apps for real estate industry today and used by top companies.


It has rich on demand reporting, analytics with fully automated commission/fee modelling and scales as you grow. With accurate real estate sales and G/L accounting integrated, Money makes a compelling and imperative choice today. We have automated franchise reporting build for some of the largest franchise companies like Realogy, Berkshire, Engels & Volker’s and others.


Your sales managers can generate on demand, browser agnostic Agent Accountability reports. Why get stuck with an old back office system that is meant for only accountants?


It is time to come out of the old “rotary” phone and move to the new age of efficiency, growth, competitiveness and operational transparency you deserve to excel in the new world.


We have helped many large companies get off the old rotary phone.

Let us help you migrate to the future which is right here.

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