CRM Agent Accountability Reports: Traction that counts

1 (Posted on Jan 12 2018)


You do spend a lot of money hiring agents and acquiring leads. What happens to them?


  • How many leads you got last month or past week? By office/region?
  • Which agent was it routed to? When?
  • How long did it take for the agent to respond first? What have they done since then?
  • What campaigns were used to talk to customer? Email, Voice, Text, social media? Communication log?
  • When was this lead finally converted to a contract?
  • When did the contract close?
  • How much did you earn in company dollar by agent/office or lead…?

These are the anxiety questions as a successful broker or a team lead.


Now for the first time, by connecting all your working components together – Marketing, Transactions and Financials in one seamless environment, planetRE delivers the promise of True Consolidated Agent Accountability Reports on the cloud.


With the powerful Custom Report feature under CRM, you can slice and dice the reports the way you want and for any time period you want!


It is not the number of leads you got but the money you made that counts.

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