One Trick Pony!

1 (Posted on July 13 2017)



Most Real Estate Marketing Solutions are “One Trick Ponies”.




– Email Drips but no automatic spam management


– No texting options.


– Power dialing with clumsy import/export


– Weak social media integration of any value


– No Millennial property search for new generation of buyers


– No FacebookTM/InstagramTM marketing


– …. list goes on and on….


Before you know you subscribe and manage multiple expensed databases that do not TALK to each other.


planetRE Socialite – the only real estate marketing platform with patented technology built into a single cloud database. It allows aggregation, routing, collaboration, incubation, ranking and management of all your leads from all sources, including agent recruitment – and uses all channels like email, texting, voice, power dialer, and multiple social media.


With an integrated transaction management and native e-sign, you can now manage offers, documents, track deals to close easily with a single view.


For team lead and brokers, we have an integrated financial platform with QuickBooks® integration also.


You make money on leads you close and not what you buy.


You need a single powerful database that can help you incubate, track, and analyze all your leads to deals.


We have it and others don’t.



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