Core Service

planetRE CrystalTM - On the cloud offers state of the art, scalable Franchise Management System for Franchisors, connecting all aspect of a large multi-national operation with real time production data and analytics across franchises spread globally.

Build on hierarchy of regional, national and international franchise operations, it allows master franchisor to review performance, production and agent analytics at all hierarchies of the franchise operations. With built in transparencies and capabilities of generating reports at all levels of the operations, it offers a true “Franchise in a Box” on the Cloud.

While Money handles the brokerage level operations analytics, Crystal extends those analytics of Money to master and all levels of franchisors with a role based access transparency for regions and built in currency conversion etc.

Hence Crystal could show the master franchisor the deal at the atomic level belonging to the agent since Transact, Money and Crystal are ALL connected seamlessly.

Native Currency

Our priority engine scores leads based on their engagement and immediately texts, emails, and notifies your CRM as soon as it exhibits high engagement behavior.


Running on similar OLAP engine that operates Money at a brokerage level, it allows franchisors to first aggregate production data from thousands of franchises in to one database cluster and run advanced reporting engine for demand analytics - answering what type of home sold in what region, who are your customer types, trends, profiles and other comparison points between time periods and regions etc. Since Crystal has the DNA of the deal at each level, it can offer all kinds of reports to slice and dice for master, national and regional franchise owners.

Broker is the “geometric mean” between the agent and the top master franchisor.

Data Flow

Franchise Companies pump the data real time to the Crystal system with automated franchise reporting in Money or via API from third party back office or enter manually.

Document Management

Crystal has a built in document Manager to keep track of all Franchise Contracts, Compliance, Renewals with e-sign, using planetRE new E-sign, Master Franchisors can have now all levels of access from top to bottom with a touch of a finger.

Business Intelligence Reports

With build in BI reports companies can see real time what their levels below are producing including generating report on Fees etc. Each person in the franchise hierarchy has a role based access and privilege.

Custom Reports

Money allows each user in franchise network to generate their own custom report as an excel based on their own pre created templates. This offers infinite flexibility for user to slice and dice more data the way they want and still operate in their own sandbox

Power BI and third party G/L Reports

Money has the ability to integrate with Microsoft BI and other accounting platforms like Infor, Oracle or SAP via API integration. Reports can also be hybrid by combining fields from sales accounting and G/L systems.


In spirit of our commitment to open communications, Crystal offers RESTFUL API so your data is NOT hostage

SAS-70 Compliant

All our data and programs are hosted on secure world class data centers and cloud services which are SAS-70 Compliant.

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