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planetRE Remote Hands™

Brokerage companies today incur a significant internal cost of maintaining documents and files for the company. This is a fixed COST no matter whether the deal closes or not. That is a huge problem in the new economic times. Staff attrition makes it even harder.

planetRE Remote Hands is an innovative file management outsourcing Service for the brokerage company of any size. Operating under a Service Level Agreement(SLA); it lets you outsource your file and document management completely. You can then reassign internal staff to work on more productive activities. This service will work with our Paperless Transaction Platform. You get the benefit of full automation and online access along with cost reduction. This is a proven service used by national companies for past several years.

Business Model is very simple. We will charge you a fixed price per production file. You will be able to reduce your fixed operational cost significantly and move this line item from fixed to variable section of your balance sheet. If you do more, you pay more; if you do less you pay less. No fixed overheads and staff attrition. Your CFO should love this!!!


File Management Outsourcing service for real estate, mortgage and escrow business.
Uses Paperless transactions from planetRE Compliance.
Outsourced service operates under a strict SLA to clearly define scope, activities and accountability of our service team to do file and document management with full communications and access to files 24x7 online.
Get full benefit of Transaction platform features to go paperless including standardizing all your business and documents include auditing, workflow management etc. This will save you additional costs including archiving your transactions using planetRE Vault for multiple years.
Customers can get reports on activities monthly or quarterly to scale up/down the service based on your market production.
Pricing is based on a fee per production file so you only pay for what you consume.


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