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Single Sign On with Facebook®, Google®..

Socialite allows robust Single Sign ON (SSO) with any third-party site supporting industry standards like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and all other planetRE apps. Users do not have to remember many passwords but just one.


Broker Dashboard:
Agent Production Carousel

  • Socialite Broker Dashboard allows brokerages to see agent ranking on production and agent recruitment activity.
  • Sales activity shows current listing, sale pending and closed transactions data pulled from Transaction Management and Money for any agent ranked on the carousel.


Agent Dashboard: Prospect Carousel

  • Socialite Agent Dashboard shows lead ranking in agent's portfolio in real time. Carousel shows important info and closure probability for prospects.
  • Now you can talk LIVE with your prospect on Facebook via CRM

Lead Routing

  • Simple to Complex Automatic Lead Routing for Brokers based on several rules like Property Preference, Price, Geo Zones, Working hours, lead assignment and using advanced techniques like Round Robin, First Come First Serve (FCFS) etc..

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