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Social media marketing with Pinterest

What is Pinterest

Pinterest is a new social cataloging site rapidly gaining popularity as the third largest social network site in traffic behind Facebook and Twitter. Its membership is in millions with major audience being educated women under the age of 45. The interesting fact is that an average user spends over 89 mins on the site vs 16 mins on Facebook. Forbes magazine estimates the value of the company over $7B in April 2012.

Real estate is best expressed by pictures. Pinterest provides an avenue for an artistic expression via photos and videos. The site organizes information using Boards and Pins. Once user creates the boards with pins, other users can "repin" those images, put comments, like them etc. Pintrest users can share the images and have conversations about those images with their friends on Facebook. This can drive awareness of your business and services on a second social network. This is viral marketing at its best.

Women who play a dominant role in a family on home buying are already the largest segment on this site (Over 1/2 of the users are women between 25 to 44 yrs old). Through beautiful imagery of homes and neighborhoods, real estate professionals can create powerful story boards and "connect" to customers more than with any other marketing channel. The key here is to have a constant supply of new content being put on Pinterest.

Under Socialite Marketing System, planetRE will provide stunning Pinterest pages. Once user preferences are captured during setup; the system will create relevant Boards and pins for real estate professionals with the story board reflecting their neighborhoods, market properties, and related imagery, making them the "brand ambassadors" of the community. Pinterest is not a blunt property listing site. If done correctly, it creates awareness about the agent in the communities agent serves. When you have attractive contents, people visit your Pinterest pages, Re-pin your content; giving you an opportunity to market yourself.

Pinterest, like other social media sites, requires constant updates with relevant and dynamic content that can take up your valuable time. This is where planetRE can help. We will do complete set up of your Pinterest site and continue to update it 2 to 4 times a week. Your time is not involved for initial setup or ongoing content maintenance. You will get an email when someone Re-pins your content. planetRE service is offered at a low monthly cost starting at $29.95/month per agent with $99 initial setup.

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