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planetRE Launches Unified Contact and Calendar Management with Socialite CRM Cloud Platform

City: San Jose, Calif.,

Date : April 12,, 2012

First CRM platform synching with contact and calendars across multiple email and social networks like Facebook, GMAIL, Linkedin, Outlook etc..

planetRE, the nation's leading technology cloud vendor for online real estate, launched new patent pending features under planetRE Socialite™ CRM platform. The new feature set will allow sales professionals to synch , unify their contacts and calendars across one or more social and email networks like Facebook®, Linkedin®, Plaxo®, Google+®,Twitter®, Gmail®, Outlook® etc. It will also triangulate profiles and communicate with new prospects across these networks. The synch will enable salespeople to login in to one place without the burden of remembering multiple passwords or managing contacts and calendars in multiple places. The ability to connect to prospects and communicate through the CRM concurrently on several social networks opens global opportunities.

"planetRE Socialite has created the first unified desktop for salespeople with Single Sign ON and ability to see full circle view of their business contacts and communicate with their prospects across multiple social networks," says Subrao Shenoy, CEO of planetRE. "It allows them to monitor social activities and run concurrent marketing campaigns on many networks”.

"Agents today need a system that will centrally integrate all their key calendars and contacts so they can be in control of their business from anywhere, without remembering many passwords", said Glenn Melton, CEO of Professionals Realty Inc. " By partnering with planetRE Socialite, agents in our Franchise system can login in one place, see all their contacts, to-do list and calendar synched with multiple social and email networks. Being on the road with the ability to view all your contacts, their social network activities and communicate with them on multiple social networks concurrently is a tremendous leverage for any salesperson".

About planetRE
TrSoft (d.b.a. planetRE) is a privately held, leading cloud vendor, providing online multi tenant Enterprise software to the real estate industry. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA; its primary mission is to provide cutting edge products and services to the global real estate industry in areas of CRM, Transaction and Financial Management. More information about planetRE Socialite can be found on

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