Here is how InstaLeads works



How many times have you heard that Facebook™ and Instagram™ are great sources for real estate leads for agents? But did you know that posting your listings on Facebook and Instagram is not going to get you the Leads? The fact is, unless and until you ADVERTISE on Facebook and Instagram, you are not going to get the Leads. Equal truth is, if you don't have the expertise in Social Media Advertising, getting the leads through these social media will be a huge challenge. This is because, advertising on social media requires in-depth knowledge of ad spend optimization (to get most leads for your money), marketing know-how & human psychology (to create compelling ads), and workings of social media advertising (to manage it all on daily basis). Given sufficient time, you can learn this too. But the question you need to ask is - do I want to be a real estate professional, closing more deals or waste time trying to learn social media advertising?

Introducing InstaLeads - brought to you by talented and experienced Social Media Marketers at planetRE.

We create and fully manage stunning Ads on your behalf on Facebook and Instagram, targeting specific groups of people who are most likely to buy or sell homes in your area in the near future. These ads are created with only one goal in mind - TO GET YOU MORE LEADS.

We create highly targeted landing pages with the exact information the leads are looking for. We entice sellers, who are planning to move, to get a detailed Home Valuation Report for their home - branded with your picture and contact information. We lure buyers with the exact types of homes they are looking for, based on their social profile. Once we capture the Leads, we send them to you through text message and email, as well as save them on the CRM account, that we create for you.

We help you incubate the Leads with ready-to-go Power Email Campaigns, Social Media Campaigns, and a great selection of cutting edge features like Auto-Dialer, mass texting of your new listings to your Leads, and tracking of your Lead's activities on all social channels.

Until now, InstaLeads is Real Estate industry's best kept secret. But it will not remain that way for too long.

Sign up today. And when you sign up, let us know if you want to get only Seller Leads, only Buyer Leads, or both. We will formulate your Ad Campaign to meet your needs.