Real estate transactions have diverse complexity in different states. Hence transaction management for real estate software needs to be able to handle simple to complex business processes and documents that connect all parties including agent, broker, consumer and vendors. planetRE Compliance™ delivered on the cloud has handled over a million real estate transactions on the internet since 2002. This transaction management software connects seamlessly to the Money real estate Financial Management and integrates with many large MLSs.

Timeline Tab

  • Rules based work flow management allows brokers to specify and track all major milestones based on any complex work flow business logic. These rules can change for different transaction types e.g such as REO, short sale, property management, lease etc. Brokers can setup any number of transaction portfolio types under company setup with each one having its own rules.
  • Dates are tracked automatically including automatic email alerts sent to all parties based on certain definitions of delinquency of tasks set by broker.
  • Calendar allows only certain users to change due dates if required. These rules are set at broker setup level offering complete control on workflow management.
  • Communicate workflow related items freely with people inside your company, and selectively with buyers and sellers.
  • Pull out tasks from multiple transactions as a single To Do List.

Document Tab with Docusign® Integration

  • Document Inbox allows users to scan multiple documents at once, or receive attachment with multiple documents scanned by others, and file them as separate documents on the transaction folders. Gives the most powerful document uploading technology on the market.
  • Built-in Docusign Integration allows usage of leading electronic signatures for document and agent contract management.
  • Mouse over shows document details without opening the PDF.
  • Broker-defined master privileges control which document can be seen by which participants of the transaction.
  • Document details shows who has seen which document at what date/time.
  • Allows emailing multiple documents as links from the transaction and track in the email logs threads.
  • Rotate documents online, saving you a trip to the copy machine in case your scanner/copier made a mistake in document orientation.

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Real estate transaction management software needs to efficiently connect all participants in a real estate transactions, using broker rules for the interaction and a powerful real estate document management which allows easy collaboration between participants whether using electronic signatures or doing a multi staged file review. Broker Compliance and risk management is key for going from contract to close on real estate transactions. Using built-in Communication Log, mobile access, and advanced features like Email Threading; planetRE Compliance offers centralized client/agent/staff communication backbone and a reliable way for long term office archive of all closed and cancelled real estate transactions using planetRE Vault® that uses two factor authenticated RSA® tokens for top notch online security.

Digital Archive

  • Generate company branded CD/DVD for clients at close of transactions. They will have all the relevant transaction archives including HUD, closing statements, etc. This can be a life long collateral that consumer can hang on to.
  • Brokers can also include “deleted” and “confidential” documents for Company MASTER Archive.
  • Generates and prints several template based CD labels for agents and brokers.

Buyer/Seller Portal

  • Consumer can check status 24 X 7 on all transactional milestones on a agent/broker branded cloud portal.
  • Can see all documents agents have marked for them to see.
  • Can communicate freely via this portal with the agent.
  • Can see transaction participants and vendors online.

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File Review Tab

  • Shows matrix view of each file based on auditing rules set by broker, with date stamp, file size, and mouse thumbnail view of the document.
  • Set several layers of audit hierarchy based on roles of people in companies. Brokers can set 1, 2 or more levels of hierarchy and assign different group of individuals to perform audit concurrently.
  • File review reports store all the file review activity compliant with DRE rules of many states.
  • Reviewer and agents can share comments on audit sections, thereby auditing all the file review logs in one place for superior risk management.
  • First platform to offer automatic e-signature signoffs on all documents. Hundreds of documents can be e-signed automatically by broker without opening each document for e-signing, saving hundreds of hours !!
  • >> Did we mention all this can be done using any major browser on Cloud! yes you can!

Communication Log

  • Create, compose email messages to any participant OR outside party in the transaction with inclusion of document(s) if required. All the messages are logged including when the email and docs were opened.

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Email Threading Log

  • Only real estate transaction platform on the market that can track and save thousands of email logs between all transactional participants even if they use any third party emails including Google, yahoo, AOL, Outlook, Exchange, Apple etc. This forms a key element of the broker risk management tracking agent/ client and other communications!


  • Only real estate transaction platform offering secure RSA two factor authentication based Multi Year Vaulting of all transactions, logs, documents, file review etc – providing highest standard in online security.

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Mobile Agent Features

  • Search all the transactions.
  • Check your online documents.
  • Complete communication with all the Transaction Participants using email, phone and texting.
  • Managing your tasks.
  • Consumers can see disclosures online on mobile phone and Agents get to keep log of it.

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planetRE Helping Hands™

Brokerage companies today incur a significant internal cost of maintaining documents and files for the company. This is a fixed COST no matter whether the deal closes or not. That is a huge problem in the new economic times. Staff attrition makes it even harder.

planetRE Helping Hands is an innovative file management outsourcing Service for the brokerage company of any size. Operating under a Service Level Agreement(SLA); it lets you outsource your file and document management completely. You can then reassign internal staff to work on more productive activities. This service will work with our Paperless Transaction Platform. You get the benefit of full automation and online access along with cost reduction. This is a proven service used by national companies for past several years.

Business Model is very simple. We will charge you a fixed price per production file. You will be able to reduce your fixed operational cost significantly and move this line item from fixed to variable section of your balance sheet. If you do more, you pay more; if you do less you pay less. No fixed overheads and staff attrition. Your CFO should love this!!!

  • File Management Outsourcing service for real estate, mortgage and escrow business.
  • Uses Paperless transactions from planetRE Compliance.
  • Outsourced service operates under a strict SLA to clearly define scope, activities and accountability of our service team to do file and document management with full communications and access to files 24x7 online.
  • Get full benefit of Transaction platform features to go paperless including standardizing all your business and documents include auditing, workflow management etc. This will save you additional costs including archiving your transactions using planetRE Vault for multiple years.
  • Customers can get reports on activities monthly or quarterly to scale up/down the service based on your market production.
  • Pricing is based on a fee per production file so you only pay for what you consume.

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planetRE Mortgage and Escrow

  • Web 2.0 platform for in-house or independent Mortgage and Escrow operations.
  • Paperless transactions.
  • Ability to invite real estate agents and other service affiliates for collaboration after deal origination.
  • Incorporates rigorous document access rules and collaboration rules for all participants in the transaction.
  • Creates company branded home pages for each participant in the transaction including real estate agents, vendors, buyers, and sellers.
  • Enables active participation by service affiliates with abilities to upload documents directly to transaction folders.
  • Handles complex role based access.
  • Handles the most complex workflow management.
  • Supports online ordering of services using email and XML based architecture.
  • Alerts and logs for all levels of communication in a transaction.
  • planetRE Vault™ allows secure storage of transactions for multiple years. Only company to offer secure access using RSA SecurID® token.

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planetRE SAAS

All planetRE Software as a Service offerings are SaaS level 4 as defined by the Wikipedia Definition of SaaS Levels. An excerpt of the definition is included here

“SaaS architectures can generally be classified as being at one of four "maturity levels", whose key attributes are configurability, multi-tenant efficiency, and scalability. Each level is distinguished from the previous one by the addition of one of those three attributes:

  • Level 1 - Ad-Hoc/Custom: At the first level of maturity, each customer has its own customized version of the hosted application and runs its own instance of the application on the host's servers. Migrating a traditional non-networked or client-server application to this level of SaaS typically requires the least development effort and reduces operating costs by consolidating server hardware and administration.
  • Level 2 - Configurable: The second maturity-level provides greater program flexibility through configurable metadata, so that many customers can use separate instances of the same application code. This allows the vendor to meet the different needs of each customer through detailed configuration options, while simplifying maintenance and updating of a common code base.
  • Level 3 - Configurable, Multi-Tenant-Efficient: The third maturity level adds multi-tenancy to the second level, so that a single program instance serves all customers. This approach enables more efficient use of server resources without any apparent difference to the end user, but ultimately comes up against limits in scalability.
  • Level 4 - Scalable, Configurable, Multi-Tenant-Efficient: The fourth and final SaaS maturity level adds scalability through a multitier architecture supporting a load-balanced farm of identical application instances, running on a variable number of servers. The provider can increase or decrease the system's capacity to match demand by adding or removing servers, without the need for any further alteration of applications software architecture.

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